Asucar Body Sugaring

Serving All Your Body Sugaring & Skin Care Needs

Body Sugaring

  • Perfect For Even The Most Sensitive Skin Types
  • Effective On All Hair Types & Textures
  • Provides Smoother, Longer-Lasting Results Than Waxing
  • Come feel the difference & stop that nasty wax habit!

About Asucar

Licenses & Certifications

  • Licensed Esthetician.
  • Alexandria Professional Certified Body Sugaring Practitioner.
  • PCA SKIN Certified in chemical peeling & advanced treatment protocols.
  • State Certified Massage Therapist & HHP.

Sugaring uses only sugar, water and lemon to create a water-soluble paste that removes hair. The hair is not only gone from the surface, but it is also removed from the root, which increases hair softness, and over time reduces hair growth. Sugaring only adheres to dead keratin cells and hair so there is no chance of skin damage, leaving the skin not only hairless, but also exfoliated and smooth.

Benefits of Body Sugaring

Longer Lasting
Hair is completely removed from the root in the direction of hair growth. Over time, sugaring weakens the hair follicle, resulting in finer, slower regrowth.
Less Painful
Sugar Paste only adheres to dead skin cells and hair, eliminating irritation to sensitive skin and lifting of live skin tissue. Sugar paste is never used hot, so there is no chance of burning skin.
Exfoliates While Removing Hair
Body Sugaring removes the first layer of dead skin cells, while removing hair for smooth results.

More Sanitary
With body sugaring, there are no sticks, no strips, and no double-dipping. Gloves are always used, and a new ball of sugar is used for each client.

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